Taj Mahal, Agra.

White sheets of still water under a half moonlight a land lain undisturbed for much of history. Visited in the past of an eerie knowingness, A discipline demanding sacrifice of all, A beneficent place where the seeker may live off the bounty of earth, Find perpetual warmth on southern shores, perpetual cold in the north.”

Taj Mahal is one the Seven Wonders of the world. It is situated on the bank of river Yamuna in the city of Agra (India). Taj is a symbol of the great Mughal heritage of India. Taj Mahal monument is a symbol of the entrnity of love. Experiencing Taj Mahal Monument is like a journey back to the magnificent Mughal Empire. it is simply the expression of emotions in a structural from. Taj Mahal is a monument of love. So it’s  a place worth visiting to memorize the love  in  your life. The Taj Mahal Monument was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1631 as a tribute to his loving wife Mumtaz Mahal.

#A Journey into the history#

The grand Taj Mahal monument is more then 350 years old. The Taj Mahal was built in the 17th century by Shah Jahan – the fifth  mughal emperor of India. Taj Mahal is amemento of love.  Even after such a long period the fragrance  of love in Taj Mahal is as it is. It is like a gem in the crown of the Mughal architecture. Mumtaz Mahal was her husband”s best companion , she used to company him in war campaigns ,and during one such campaign in Burhanpur she died during childbirth. The dead queen was brought to Agra and buried on the bank of river Yamuna.

Crossing the grassy carpet we reach at the tomb, built with snowy- white marbles, at first glance it gives a peaceful feeling to the soul.

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Agra Fort

Akbar was the third Mughal emperor and undoubtedly the greatest.He was crowned the Mughal ruler in 1556 at the tender age of 14. when his father Humayun suddenly . After Akbar consolidated his rule, he began constructing the Agra Fort, which coincided with the building of Humayun’s tomp in Delhi. Akbar began the construction of this massive fort made of red sandstone on the banks of the Yamuna in 1565. The  fort was ready by 1571 . though  additions  were made up until the rule of Shahjhan. who was akbar’s grandson. During the time of Akbar. the fort mainly served military purpose. while by the time of Shahjahan it also served  as a palace and court.


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